Monday, March 17, 2014

The perfect Guide to Lose Weight with Smoothies

Losing weight has been a subject of discussion in very many forums. As a result, the quest to find the most efficacious ways to burn fats has been going on and so far, there’re a number of procedures which are really handy. These include increasing activity level or working out and having full control of the diet (either include or eliminate certain foods in the diet).

Presently, quite a number of individuals are opting to lose weight with smoothies due a wide spectrum of benefits which it comes with. Smoothies should not be confused with juices. A juice is a liquid which is extracted from either vegetable or fruits leaving behind the fiber. On the hand, a smoothie refers to a thick drink which has both the liquid and the fiber components of either the fruit or the vegetable.

How can an individual lose weight with smoothies?

It is important to choose the right ingredients which either have low calories or can catalyze the breakdown of the existing calories. These ingredients will not only help one to lose weight, but also keep him/her full for a longer period of time.
Therefore, the very first step when opting for smoothies is to learn about ingredients you’d wish to use. That is, those with essential nutrients, those that can boost metabolic rate and good protein balance just to mention a few. Consulting a nutritionist is highly recommended.

Different smoothies have different ways in which they boost weight loss. For instance:
Berries such as blueberry and raspberry add flavor but do not add many calories to the smoothie. Moreover, their high fiber content can keep one full for a longtime.

In addition to this, ingredients such as cayenne pepper contain an essential compound called capsaicin which has the ability to reduce fat consumption. Including healthy fats is also necessary. Go for coconut oil, avocado of nuts. They must be added in smoothies cautiously since they have high calories. Remember, depriving the body fats is not a healthy way to lose weight.

Considering substances such as green tea while making smoothie is also a perfect way to lose weight. It contains a compounds called catechins which can stimulate the body to use fatty acids and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which also stimulates metabolism and hence shadding weight.

Both remaining full for the better part of the day and increasing metabolism rate are essential parameters when it comes to losing weight. It should be noted losing weight with smoothies may not be enough; working out is also effective but only when a proper training schedule has been designed.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Weight loss shakes types and benfits

weight loss shakes
Weight loss shakes is a type of skimmed milk which is often used in weight reduction. To reduce your body weight, you must ensure that your daily calorie intake is very low than what you actually burn. It is recommended that you take enough protein when burning fats to avoid losing your muscles. The following are major types of weight shakes.

Vegetable shakes:
Has amount of nutrients compared to other shakes. However, most people don’t prefer it because its taste isn’t that pleasing. To prepare it, just put some selected vegetables in a juicer without the top layer. Next add a cup of yogurt and then a teaspoon of citrus to make it taste better.

Protein shakes:
This type of shakes is the most preferred by most people to other types but very demanding when preparing. It requires enough time and resources to make such shakes. You need a mixture of fresh pineapple juice, distilled water and some ice cubes to make it more appealing.

Fruit shakes:
 this is the tastiest shakes among the three. You can decide to mix banana-strawberry, mango-orange, orange-pineapple and many others. It is also necessary to add other additional ingredients such as protein powder, honey and yogurt.

Homemade weight loss shakes
Homemade shakes are the most common because everybody can afford making them at home. The following are some of the benefits associated with homemade shakes.

Benefits of homemade shakes: -
1- Nutritious: -
They are never complicated, very simple and healthy. They actually don’t demand any cooking hence retains most nutrients.

2- Inexpensive: -
There are many people who have that desire to reduce weight but can’t afford diet pills and shakes. Homemade is the best option for such people because they are never expensive.

Some people may find it very difficult in maintaining their muscles when burning fats. You only need to consumer adequate amount of skimmed milk and proteins. Cocoa beans have a lot of antioxidants and this greatly helps in repairing muscle cells.

Fruit smoothies

Fruit smoothies are good sources of antioxidants and vitamins. As stated earlier, antioxidants play a major role in weight reduction. It is recommended that such people take fruits with higher water content.

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Ice chilled water

Some people have really lost a lot of weight by the use of ice chilled water. It burns fats very fast and it is never expensive.
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These are major types of weight lose shakes. You can choose any one of them which your really desire.

Friday, February 7, 2014

6 important vitamins for weight loss

Compared to ancient times, today’s lifestyle has changed a great deal. When it comes to food habits, we have drifted off in the negative direction as people eat lots of processed foods and they rarely exercise due to the demanding jobs they have to do to sustain themselves. This has led to high obesity levels and most people now are rushing to lose the weight. However the big question is, how does one lose weight in healthy and natural ways given that most weight loss pills have a lot of chemicals. If you are in such a predicament, do not fret, as you can use vitamins for weight loss and get nutrients while you are at it. Vitamins for weight loss include:

Calcium/vitamin D

It helps to stow fat retention and lowers the potential of one getting insulin-resistance syndrome. Most people tend to gain weight in their midlife stage but high intake of calcium has been proven to cub this.


Classified as a B vitamin though it’s not completely a vitamin, it’s a fat emulsifier and works with inositol to use up the cholesterol and extra fats in your body. Shortage of choline leads to blockage of fat metabolism due to the liver being clogged with fat.

B vitamins

This is the most commonly used vitamin for losing weight as it primarily helps the body combat stress and produces a lot of energy which is used to break down fats. The B vitamin complex consist of B2 also called riboflavin, B3 (niacin) and B6 (pyridoxine) which aid the thyroid to perform well. The thyroid is responsible for making hormones which affect metabolism. If thyroid functionality is not top notch, chances of a person gaining weight are very high. B5 (pantothenic acid) releases energy from carbohydrates and fats therefore a shortage of it results to low energy.

Vitamin C

Its best known for immunity boosting and its ability to combat illnesses. In weight loss however, it lowers the cholesterol levels which greatly help in maintenance of a healthy heart. It also aids in glucose conversion therefore providing the body with the necessary energy to burn fat.


Together with vitamin B6, zinc helps to produce the enzymes that make food digestion possible. Research shows that zinc greatly helps in control of appetite which is very key when it comes to weight loss. It also hastens metabolism and increases the production of the thyroid hormone which is important when it comes to achievement of healthy weight.

Vitamin E

This is an essential vitamin and it aids in the recovery of tired muscles therefore helping one exercise more often as you can recover quickly from your work out sessions. It’s also an antioxidant and therefore aids in combating toxins in the body which can accumulate and cause weight gain.

How to get those vitamins and the best way to use them

Vitamin D is fat soluble and it’s found in dairy products mostly and green leafy vegetables. One should consume lots of dairy products and when cooking the vegetables, use oils or a little fat to fry them so that the vitamins can be released. The vitamin is also manufactured by the cholesterol stored under our skins through exposure to sunlight and the morning sunshine is best suited for this.

For B complex vitamins and choline which are water soluble, the water used to prepare them should not be poured as you can use it as sauce for other foods. These vitamins are excreted daily as they are ingested so if you are not able to get enough amounts from the natural sources which include meat, dairy products and greens, take its supplements.

Vitamin C is water soluble and it’s found in citrus fruits like lime, oranges and lemons mostly. It’s also available in kales and spinach but it’s difficult to obtain it from these later sources due to oxalates and phytates present.

Vitamin E is fat soluble and is richly found in nuts and seeds e.g. sunflowers seeds. It should be taken in large quantities so take supplements if need be.

Zinc is present in nuts, sea foods and meat and since it’s a mineral that works with vitamins, it doesn’t get destroyed easily during preparation. Although there are zinc pills available, one can get plenty of it directly from natural sources. So now you know what vitamins for weight loss are best so get going and start your regimen.

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Top 7 herbs for weight loss

Most people are eating healthy and doing exercises but do not get their desired weight loss. Here are some of the herbs that you should consider in order to achieve your desired weight loss. 

1. Oregano 
This great herb aids in losing of excess weight in the body. You can get more antioxidants in one tablespoon as compared to a cup of blue berries. Oregano is very essential in the body since it helps fight harmful bacteria and viruses in the digestive tract, which accumulates and become weight over time. This herb aids in digestion as well as decreasing constipation and bloat in the body. Furthermore, the scent of oregano triggers a hormone known as serotonin, which reduces mood swing. Therefore, oregano help avoid eating under depression of stress.
Sprinkle a little oregano on your veggies, salads, lean proteins etc. Alternatively, you can sprinkle oregano on omelets. You can take oregano oil or supplement.

2. Ginseng 
Ginseng is one of the herbs that have gained popularity in those people for want to lose their weight. There are two types of ginseng- Chinese and Siberian ginseng. Both are safe and effective weight loss agents. They contain caffeine that act as metabolism booster and a natural stimulant. Furthermore, they boost the energy level as well as burning the fats in the body. In addition, ginseng is the best appetite suppressants. Ginseng is sold in form of supplement or tea, which can be prepared just like ordinary tea.

3. Peppermint 
Peppermint helps in reducing weight through elimination of toxic waste and water. In addition, it is an amazing herb aid in digestion hence reducing the bloat. Drinking peppermint on a daily basis can help to maintain your belly. Furthermore, peppermint is a great appetite suppressant thus accelerating the weight loss. This sweet-scented herb is known to minimize the stress levels. You can buy peppermint in form of tea, supplement, or fresh mint leaves.

4. Dandelion
This weed is very important for weight loss. Dandelion is one of the most effective cleansing herbs on the earth. Every part of the dandelion is edible including flower. This herb is full of nutrients, which are perfect for liver cleansing. In addition, dandelion can alkalize the body; normalize the blood sugar, and clear toxins in the body. You can buy dandelion in tea form or a supplement or buy fresh dandelion.  

5. Spearmint 
Spearmint is the proven weight loss herb that significantly reduces fat in our bodies. The study show that peppermint releases excess estrogen that lead to excess weight gain in the body. On the hand, it enhances testosterone-a fat burning hormone. Many users are reported to feel hormonally balanced by using this herb. This refreshing herb gives you a safe and effective way to lose excess weight in the body. You can take spearmint in form of supplement.

6. Milk thistle 
Milk thistle is similar to dandelion since it cleanses the liver. In most cases, the liver can be burdened with toxins hence making it difficult to burn fats in the body. Therefore, the fat burning of the body is determined by how much your liver is cleansed. Milk thistle is the most effective liver cleanser hence clearing the liver of any toxins. It allows the liver to stay focused on the body metabolism as well as burning of fats as fuel rather than storing them. You can buy milk thistle as supplement or tea in any chemists near you.

7. Sage 
Sage is a popular herb that is used in cooking mainly because of its taste. On the other hand, sage is a great weight loss agent that you should consider. In addition, it is known to reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels. Furthermore, it is a great appetite suppressant hence a catalyst for weight loss. Adding small amount of sage to your food will help you eat less.
Eating under stress can lead to storage of calories in form of fats due to cortisol in the body. Cortisol is a hormone secreted when we are stressed. Therefore, eating calming foods such as sage can help to eradicate secretion of cortisol.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Three Must Have Weight Loss Drinks in Your Diet

These days, there are uncountable numbers of weight loss products in the market. Some contains odd chemicals that may bring harm to the body; hence, dieters resort to natural alternative such as weight loss drinks. Below are three of the most effective drinks that can help eliminate fats in natural and harmless ways.

1. Cranberry-water Drinks:

 Pure cranberry juice contains high level of organic acid that when consumed regularly, can help dissolve body's unnecessary fats. It is a powerful diuretic that can pull water out of the clogged cells. Also the flavanoids found in cranberry juices flush cellulites and helps lymphatic system function smoothly. What you'll have to do is combine eight ounces of pure cranberry juice with six ounces of water. Now you have a weight loss drink that you can drink throughout the day. You can drink this alternately with water or you can use it as a substitute to your daily water consumption.

2. Green Tea:

 Green tea is probably the most popular weight loss drinks because of its high level of natural anti-oxidants. Because of its powerful components, green tea becomes the main ingredient of countless of dietary products in the market. Green tea is known for its soothing properties. It also contains EGCG that speeds up the body's metabolism that can even burn 70 calories a day. To make a cup of this tea, simply place tea leaves in a teapot, add hot water to leave to infuse. The longer the time, the stronger the aroma and taste of your tea would be. Note that although green tea might not be the fast way to eliminate body fats but it is one of the most effective and harmless weight loss alternatives.

3. Vegetable and fruit juices:

 Whether it is homemade or bottled, vegetable juices combined with fruit juice are healthy ways to get fiber and nutrients that the body needs. Low-sodium variety of vegetables is excellent. Apple Carrot Celery Juice for instance contains vitamins and minerals without adding significant calories to your daily intake. For this recipe you will need 3 medium apples, 4 medium carrots and 3 stalks of celery. Simply cut the vegetables and fruit into chunks. Place all of them in the juicer. Poor into a glass and enjoy your healthy, fresh, weight loss drink.Aside from its natural health benefits, these weight loss drinks are also found in our daily kitchen so they are practically easy to prepare and you can have them any time of the day.for more juices read best weight loss smoothies